Brewery Extrava

Portland, Maine

Brewery Extrava combines old world inspiration with New England practicality to create unique beers that are bold, but balanced — beers that are nuanced, highly drinkable, and fundamentally approachable. There’s a beer for everyone at Extrava, and they’re not the beers you’re expecting. Our beers are proudly brewed to be different.

Uniquely Unexpected

Our sense of wonder and pursuit of unique flavors is inspired by traditions of old world brewing, enhanced by a tendency for exploration, and driven by a brewer whose experience is diverse and well-rounded.

Passionately Well-Crafted

These beers are the culmination of a lifetime of brewing experience, brewed with a relentless attention to nuance and detail, on a state of the art custom brew system, with the finest ingredients across the world to right in our back yard.

Approachably Practical

At our brewery, even the most esoteric styles of beer have been crafted with approachable drinkability in mind. Brewed with worldly inspiration, but with a New England practicality, there’s a beer here for every taste.

Our Brewing Philosophy

The beers we create are heavily influenced by time spent in Belgium and the Netherlands and the great memories we have of the places, people, AND beer we had the good fortune to cross paths with during those Journeys. They left a lasting impression on us and we hope the beers we are inspired to craft will leave a lasting impression on you.

We believe our role in creating great beer is to allow each ingredient to shine through. We carefully select each ingredient and then strive to create the perfect environment for mother nature to work her magic.

Because beer is made from natural ingredients the characteristics (or terroir) of those ingredients, and collectively of the beer brewed from them, will vary based upon the geographic area each ingredient originates from as well as the weather patterns present during a particular growing season. We believe terroir and the natural variation each ingredient contributes to a particular batch of beer should be embraced and celebrated.

As brewers we simply focus on providing each ingredient with an environment that allows it fulfill its potential to influence the flavors, aroma, and quality of the final product. Our job is to partner with mother nature to coax each ingredient to contribute as much as possible to our collective enjoyment of the final product.